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The Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme (DROPS) is an industry-wide initiative focused on preventing dropped objects, with the ultimate goal of delivering a second nature dropped objects prevention strategy across our industry.

Within the oil and gas industry, everyone knows the potential cost of a dropped object. A thorough DROPS Inspection not only prevents equipment damage and lost production, it also saves lives. The problem is common across the industry, across all regions, sectors and disciplines.

We A-Star Testing & Inspection use experienced inspection personnel, trained specifically to identify and report the Dropped Object risks, implement corrective actions and develop an easy to use continuous inspection plan for the asset. These activities can be integrated into parallel work scopes to optimize the time spent in the area.

To raise awareness of potential dropped objects
To explore methods for the control and prevention of dropped objects
To recognize your personal responsibilities for the prevention of dropped objects
Eliminate injury to people and damage sustained to equipment due to dropped objects throughout Industry.
Ultimately to deliver a „second-nature‟dropped objects prevention strategy

“Any object that falls from its previous static position under its own weight“


The Special Periodic Survey for intermediate or five-yearly classification requirements are a critical and specialized work scope that requires approval as an approved service provider for all Hull Thickness Gauging by the major classification societies such as ABS, DNV and Lloyd’s. Our SPS services give clients the peace of mind that the inspection will be thorough, correctly reported and, if required, we can perform any necessary repairs to ensure recertification. Our inspectors are experienced, professional and highly trained to be proficient in current techniques and standards.

Top Side Survey

The work scope includes surveys of the hull, tanks, deck, leg well areas, legs etc.

Leg Survey

In addition to Visual Inspection, we will conduct Non-Destructive Testing on all critical joints and members to detect internal faults to certify the vessel as required by the authorities.


Underwater Inspection using MPI and Eddy Current or ACFM.


Our Derrick Specialist team has many years of experience in upgrade, maintenance, inspection, repair and DROPS analysis work scopes allowing us to provide fast, proven solutions to your derrick requirements. Working to API 4F and 8C and having an experienced and qualified workforce gives our clients the quality assurance needed to undertake such projects.

we offer a vast range of expertise in Derrick Repairs. We offer full time field supervisors and Rig Building crews with large-scale experience in the derrick industry.

Derrick Inspection Services
Derrick Modifications
Derrick Bolt Tightening / Replacements
Replacement of Racking Boards / Engineering and Fabrication of Racking Boards
Derrick Lighting
Crown Removal / Replacements
Installation and Removal of all Traveling Equipment
Derrick Washing, Blasting, and Painting

Load testing is the process of putting demand on a software system or computing device and measuring its response. Load testing is performed to determine a system’s behavior under both normal and anticipated peak load conditions

We can conduct on-site / off-site load testing for mobile cranes, maritime cranes, davits, hoist, slings, shackles and spreader beams etc. We have a variety and range of calibrated load cells, shackles and hooks for all types of testing configuration. All tests can be certified to existing industrial safety standards. We have a wide range of Water bags and certified counter-weights.


Rope Access is now an accepted part of the industrial access toolset. It has proved to be a cost effective and versatile solution to over dependence on scaffolding. Our professional rope access technicians benefit from our training facility, designed to simulate industrial environments. They are usually multi-skilled combining Rope Access with Welding, Pipe Fitting, Painting or Inspection Qualifications to maximize their versatility.


Bolt torquing is means of applying a desired force intended to produce rotation using a predefined standards based upon the given faster. We provides controlled application of torquing and tensioning force for loosening and tightening of the bolts from small jobs to large turnarounds.

Our trained and experience technicians apply standard and proven techniques to assemble, disassemble and pre-load identification and verification of bolted joints and other critical elements or structures. We provide bolt torquing services in conjunction with industrial rope access standards.

Hot Bolting — Applied to free and re-tighten bolts on live piping and equipment, involves replacing of corroded or damaged bolts in order to minimize the time spend on removing bolts during plant shutdowns.Induction Bolt Heating — It reduces the job time up to 7 times compared to traditional resistance heating resulting in significant time saving for the plant.

Induction Nut Heating — Fast and dedicated heating of nuts on reactors, exchangers and hydro-cracker flanges leads to dismantling of components in less span of time.

Lifting gear inspection is about periodic inspection on all cranes and lifting equipment, this includes but is not limited to drilling equipment & tools, pedestal and overhead cranes, ROV / Dive spreads, fixed lifting equipment, lifeboats and life raft launch and recovery systems and loose lifting equipment.

All equipment inspected is maintained in a database which conforms with LOLER 1998 procedure and the reports and certificates are generated required by relevant standards.

All our professionals are trained to the highest standard through both internal and external training and undergo regular competency assessment to ensure they are up date with all the relevant procedures and standards. All professionals are rope access trained and certified so accessibility of the equipments or gears at height is not be an issue and the requirement for scaffolding is also be provided.

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